Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication (BEIESP) is a registered International body that publishes scientific original cutting edge research articles in the field of Engineering, Technology, Science, Management, and Humanities since year 2010. All associated Journals of BEIESP are academic, online, open access (abstract), peer reviewed.

The aim of the BEIESP is to disseminate original, scientific, theoretical or applied research in the field of Engineering and allied fields, to dispense a platform for publishing results and research with a strong empirical component, to aqueduct the significant gap between research and practice by promoting the publication of original, novel, industry-relevant research, to seek original and unpublished research papers based on theoretical or experimental works for the publication globally, to publish original, theoretical and practical advances in Computer Science & Engineering, Information Technology, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunication, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Textile Engineering and all interdisciplinary streams of Engineering Sciences, to impart a platform for publishing results and research with a strong empirical component, to create a bridge for significant gap between research and practice by promoting the publication of original, novel, industry-relevant research, to solicit original and unpublished research papers, based on theoretical or experimental works.

We publish two types of issues; Regular Issues and Theme Based Special Issues (announced from time to time). Papers for the regular issues of the journal can be submitted, round the year, electronically. For it, respective journal inform to authors time to time for it.

After the final acceptance of the paper, based upon the detailed review process, the paper will immediately be published online. However, assignment of the paper to an specific Volume / Issue of the Journal will be taken up by the Editorial Board later; and the author will be intimated accordingly. For Theme Based Special Issues, time bound Special Call for Papers will be announced and the same will be applicable for that specific issue only.

BEIESP associated journals are publishing original scientific research work for more than 115 countries since year 2010 in the field of all engineering branches, management, & humanities. A conference proceeding to be published with following terms and conditions:

  1. Plagiarism Check: Good quality plagiarism software (refer either Turnitin or iThinticate)  will be used to check similarity that would not be more than 20%.
  2. Quality Check: All submitted paper will be pre-reviewed by a panel to verify and validate the scope of the paper. Paper should be result oriented.
  3. Paper Submission Criteria: Any one author cannot submit more than two papers.
  4. Review: Those papers having less than 20% plagiarism and within the scope of the conference will be submitted for the review process. One paper will be reviewed by three reviewers from different locations and average marking of the comments for the respective paper will be subject for the acceptance/ rejection.
  5. Review Criteria: Reviewers should know about the criteria of the review process so that reviews will mark the comments, why he/she is accepting/rejecting the paper. For example- methodology, new innovation, etc..
  6. Review Time: Allocation of review time for one paper should be minimum 15 days.
  7. eCopyright: All authors will submit ecopyright to the Journal/ Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication.
  8. Template: All accepted papers should be formatted as per Journal Template. In the case of failure, the paper will be suspended from the database of journal and publishing house.
    1. Conference proceeding to be published special volume/ issue of the journal along with an ISSN. In the conference proceeding, there will be conference name and respective details of the institute/college in the left top corner of the paper while journal name and volume no/ issue no will be in the right top corner of the paper. It will be available in the every odd page of the paper.
  9. Copyright Property: After the publication, conference proceeding will be property of publishing house and journal.

If you are agree above terms & conditions then you may contact to director of BEIESP at
Cell #: +91-9109122902, Whatsapp #: +91-9109122902, Viber #: +91-9109122902, Skype#: beiesp, Twitter #: beiesp